Robert Geurts
Sound Designer

About Me

My name is Robert Geurts. I spend most of my time on Sound Design & IT. Currently I am living in Beuningen. I studied Game Architecture and Design at Breda University of Applied Sciences, where I specialized in the creation and implementation of Sound Design. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science. During my study I won awards for best audio, best game and third place during the Global Game Jam of 2012.

While working on my first projects, besides sound design, I also worked on visual arts and game design, but I quickly realised that sound design is my passion. I am a self-motivated and adaptive learner, always working on improving myself and my skillset. The last few years I worked on producing music and creating sound design for multiple projects. I have also made a carreer switch into IT which I enjoy thoroughly.

I am currently looking for work in the field of Sound Design & IT



While studying at the NHTV I developed my skills as a sound designer. Every year we had multiple group projects for which I did the audio.
I learned a lot about sampling, creation and implementation of sounds. I also learned to work in a group project and taking into account the limitations that projects sometimes offer.

Creating sound effects

Implementing sound effects


Sound Design



Audiokinetic Wwise

I have used Wwise together with multiple game engines to create the best possible SFX for the projects I worked on.


Propellerhead Reason

Reason is the DAW I use to combine and create samples and music pieces.



I use audacity if I need to quickly make adjustments to sounds.


Unreal Engine

The last few years, most projects I worked on were made in Unreal.


Adobe Photoshop

If I ever needed to edit images, create textures or do anything else image related, I would use photoshop.



I haven't used this program as mush as Wwise, but I still know how to use it properly.

Feel free to contact me for your next project